Welcome to Edmonton Arborist, proudly the highest and most reviewed tree service in Alberta (Google reviews). We understand that easy communication, high quality craftsmanship, and a robust knowledge base are essential to providing you with the highest quality tree service.

As a tree company operating in a province with such renowned natural characteristics, we know its our responsibility to be highly sensitive to the environmental impact of our industry. Which is why we actively stay on the cutting edge of green technology and practices. Including; utilizing electric saws (did you know running a two stroke gas saw for a single day is like driving a car across the country?). As well as making sure we operate from a centre of preservation and sustainability. Which is why we start every removal conversation with “Why does this tree need to be removed?”. This simple practice has led to the preservation of hundreds of Albertas irreplaceable historic trees.

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Welcome to Edmonton Arborist

Founded in 2018 by Evan Breda, Edmonton Arborist set out to provide a different kind of tree service. 

Believing that operating a nature and tree centred arborist firm would result in both a better customer experience, and a better overall result for our urban forest environment. 

We have a deep appreciation for trees, and understand that we rely on them for far more than shade and a pleasant backdrop. not only are they as critical as our roads and utilities for the health and progress of a city, but they’re also living coinhabitants, and need to be treated as such.

That’s why we decided to depart from the unfortunately common “removal mill” model of tree services; to a practice of long term solution building and education. Seeking first to understand what challenges led to the need to remove a particular tree, then exploring alternative solutions that could bring more value to the customer and the environment.



Edmonton Arborist has been proudly helping Edmontonians with the best tree solutions since 2018. We specialize in tree removal, fruit tree pruning, bush pruning, and tree trimming.

All personal customer and business information submitted through this website will be held confidential.