Brush and Tree Land Clearing

Need to turn a large area of brush and forest into open, useable land? thankfully the days of one tree at a time land clearing are over… Edmonton Arborist uses state of the art high powered machinery to efficiently and safely clear out trees and stumps from large areas of brush and forest, without depleting the land. Ask us about area mulching and area stump removal.








How We Do It

We deploy forest mulching machines on large skidsteers to efficiently and effectively chew up all wood material in their path. This approach to land clearing offers a number of benefits.

  • Good for the land – since the carbon and nutrients stored in the wood isn’t  hauled away, but returned to the land, this approach leaves behind rich fertile substrate.
  • Cost effective – when compared to the old school approach of knocking down and carving up trees with chainsaws, this approach costs a small fraction as much while delivering much better and more consistent results. 
  • Fast – with the ability to clear and entire acre of forest in just a couple days, this approach it multiples faster than the chainsaw method.
  • Takes care of stumps – individual stump grinding is expensive and energy intensive. This approach takes care of the stumps and trees simultaneously.