Do you love the delicate exotic look of the classic Japanese maple trees? Were you also bummed to learn they can’t survive Alberta winters? Well we have great news… There’s now a cold hardy maple variety with all the charm of the coveted Japanese maple. Hailing from the Korean mountain ranges this distinctive little beauty sports delicate textured leaves, striking fall foliage, and the character exotic shape and size we all know and love.

What You Need To know:

  • Mature Size: 15-20 feet tall and wide
  • Growth Rate: Moderate (1-2 feet per year)
  • Lifespan: With proper care, Korean maples can live 50-100 years.
  • Soil Preferences: Well-drained, adaptable to various pH levels
  • Water: Prefers consistent moisture, some drought tolerance once established
  • Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial shade (full sun promotes best fall colors
  • Flowers and Seeds: Inconspicuous reddish-purple flowers appear in clusters in early spring, followed by winged seeds that mature in fall, adding winter texture.

Interesting Facts

  • A Resilient Survivor: Native to northeastern China, Korea, and the Russian Far East, the Korean Maple has adapted to survive cold winters and harsh conditions.
  • More Than Just Fall Color: While known for its fall foliage, the Korean Maple also boasts attractive peeling bark that adds winter interest to your garden. The bark exfoliates in thin, papery strips, revealing a cinnamon-colored inner layer.
  • Natural Bonsai Appeal: The Korean Maple’s smaller stature and delicate branching make it a popular choice for bonsai enthusiasts. With proper care and pruning techniques, it can be trained into a miniature masterpiece.

Interested In Adding This Unique Tree To Your Property?

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