The adorable name suits this little cultivar to a “t”. The Penguin Mugo Pine (Pinus mugo ‘Penguin’) is a unique, dwarf variety of the Mugo pine known for its dense, conical form and rich green needles. This compact conifer offers delightful evergreen texture and low-maintenance beauty, making it an excellent evergreen option that won’t compete for too much lawn real estate. 

What you Need To Know:

  • Lifespan: With proper care, these pines can live for 50 years or more, adding long-lasting evergreen charm to your landscape.
  • Canopy Size and Spread: Reaches a mature spread of 3-5 feet, making it ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Growth Rate: Very slow grower, adding only a few inches per year after establishment.
  • Canopy Height: Maturity brings a height of 4-6 feet, showcasing its upright, conical form.
  • Soil Preference: Adapts to various well-drained soils, but thrives in slightly acidic to neutral pH.
  • Water Needs: Moderately water-dependent, especially during the first few years after planting and during dry spells. Drought-tolerant once established.
  • Light Preference: Full sun exposure is ideal for optimal growth and the densest branching.
  • Hardiness Zone: Hardy in USDA zones 2-8, surviving in harsh winter conditions.
  • Flowers: Inconspicuous flowers appear in spring but are not particularly showy compared to the foliage.

Interesting Facts

  • Tiny Cones: Like other pines, Penguin Mugo produces small cones that add visual interest to the foliage.
  • Slow and Steady: This dwarf variety has a very slow growth rate, contributing to its manageable size and low-maintenance appeal.


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