What To Expect When Planning Tree Work

Our Commitment to Fair Pricing

At Edmonton Arborist, we believe in transparency and fairness when it comes to pricing. Our rates reflect the quality, expertise, and dedication we bring to every project, ensuring you get the best value for your tree care needs.

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Every tree and landscape are unique. Which means the costs will vary between trees based one:

  • Tree size & type
  • Obstacles around the tree (homes, utility lines, glass, etc.)
  • Accessibility (yard/gate size, equipment access, distance from equipment)

The following is a general average for each broad tree category, based on our experience.

Service Rates Overview

Tree Pruning

  • Small Tree (up to 15 ft): $350-$400
  • Medium Tree (15 ft – 30 ft): $350- $800
  • Large Tree (over 30 ft): $800-$1500+

Tree Removal

  • Small Tree:$350-$400
  • Medium Tree:$400-$800
  • Large Tree: $800-$2000+

Stump Grinding

  • Per Stump: $160 for one, or around $10/ inch diameter for larger stumps.

Emergency Tree Service

  • Contact for Quote: Prices vary based on urgency and risk.

Tree Planting

  • Starting at: Roughly $480 Including new tree

Please note: Prices are estimates and can vary based on tree condition, access, and specific requirements