Planting New Trees

Trees are an indispensable centre piece of any landscape. And selecting the right tree for the right spot, is critical.  That’s why consulting an arborist with experience in local tree species, knowledge of current disease/climate patterns, and familiarity with local nurseries and suppliers is a good place to start.

Over the years we’ve noticed a primary reason for requiring tree removal is putting the wrong tree in the wrong place. Our expertise in both tree species and the local Edmonton environment can help you select a specimen that will prosper in your specific location for decades to come! Which also means one less tree needs to be cut down, down the road!

Shoot us a call or text at (780)266-1919 and we’ll help you asses your situation and make recommendations specifically suitable for you.

Selecting A New Tree

What To Look For

When selecting a new tree your first considerations should be the conditions the chosen location offers

  1. Space (Proximity to structures, other trees, and utilities)
  2. Lighting (full sun, partial sun, or shade)
  3. Soil (loose, compact, clay, poor drainage)

Once you have these perimeters established for the location; you can then decide what specific characteristics suit you best.

  1. Fruiting or non fruiting 
  2. Size/ Growth rate
  3. Maintenance Requirements 

Getting Started

Selecting a tree can be an intimidating tasks. It can be one of the most important investments you make in your property, ensuring its a suitable long term option is important. 

If you’re ready to get some foliage on your property give us a shout; we’ll be happy to asses your specific situation and provide a professional tailor made tree planting plan.

Tree Moving

Have a perfectly good tree in the in the wrong place? In some  cases in can not only be more economical to move the tree than to cut it down and replace it, but it also means one less healthy tree destroyed?

This option is admittedly limited as the equipment required is quite large and needs access right to the base of the tree. But we will always consider this option when advising on the best tree solution for your situation. 

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