Planting New Trees

The right tree, the right place – our arborists make it happen!

We don’t just plant trees, we create lasting value. Our expertise translates to healthier trees, increased property value, and enhanced curb appeal. From careful tree selection to proper planting techniques, early tree care, and custom tailored advice and support; we guarantee exceptional service and results that will make you proud of your landscape.

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Selecting A New Tree

Find the perfect tree for your landscape! Explore our helpful articles on Alberta trees and get expert advice from the Edmonton Arborist team. We’ll guide you to the best choice for your needs.


Tree Selection Process

When selecting a new tree your first considerations should be the conditions the chosen location offers

  1. Space (Proximity to structures, other trees, and utilities)
  2. Lighting (full sun, partial sun, or shade)
  3. Soil (loose, compact, clay, poor drainage)

Once you have these perimeters established for the location; you can then decide what specific characteristics suit you best.

  1. Fruiting or non fruiting 
  2. Size/ Growth rate
  3. Maintenance Requirements 

Give Your New Tree the Best Start!

When you choose us to plant your tree, we go the extra mile! You’ll get an initial structural prune and full tree inspection to set your new addition up for success. Then, follow these care tips for a thriving landscape:

Watering Wisely: Think “just right” like Goldilocks! Use a long probe to test the soil about 18 inches down. A little dampness on the probe is perfect. Too dry? Water more. Soggy? Ease up on watering. Regular watering is key at first.

Covering: Its important to cover any evergreen coniferous trees over the winter while they’re establishing. Rapid temperature fluctuations can dry out and damage the needles, causing winter die back. Covering the trees helps mediate the temperature swings and protect the foliage.

Mulch Magic: A healthy layer of mulch around your tree works wonders:

  • Blocks weeds
  • Boosts soil health
  • Keeps moisture and temperature stable

All this means a stronger, prettier tree! Tip: Let mulch break down naturally before mixing it into the soil.

Fertilizing for Growth: Give your tree a boost with slow-release fertilizer spikes placed around the drip line (the outer edge of the branches) every spring.

Pruning for the Future: Keep up with regular pruning for a strong, healthy tree. Proper pruning in those first critical years helps:

  • Develop a sturdy structure
  • Increase disease resistance
  • Enhance its beauty
  • Produce better fruit or flowers (if applicable)

Need More Guidance? If you have questions, our arborists are here to help!


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