Common Questions

General Question

In Edmonton and most surrounding area; if you own the tree, you can remove it freely without permission or permits. A utility survey is also not required for tree removal or stump grinding.

We can buck up the logs and leave them on site for firewood upon request.

Dangerous Trees

Evidence of sap “bleeding” from this area is often a sign the limb has already begun to split from the trunk.

Large crossing branches will often grow into unstable shapes as well as rub against each other. This makes them a high risk of breaking and having rot.

Dead branches are at high risk of breaking off, and they also crowd out vital new growth and attract pests and disease.

Any portion of the tree within 10′ of a high voltage line should be assessed and dealt with.

Pests and Disease

Due to the low species diversity in Alberta, tree diseases and pests can spread very quickly in Edmonton if left unchecked.
If you notice any of these symptoms, then consult a professional.

Discoloured growths and mushrooms are typically signs of disease.

Sawdust at the base of the trunk (common with aspens and poplars) is a sign something has been boring into the trunk.

Discoloured wood or bark and cracks in the bark can be signs of fungus or pests.

Portions of the top of the tree dying can be a sign of poor health.