When it comes to maximum aesthetic appeal, in a compact package, Lightsaber Crabapple is a true heavy hitter. This cultivar boasts a unique, space-saving form that has earned it its name. If you’re looking for a statement piece for your landscape or a beautiful flowering tree that won’t overpower a small yard, the lightsaber crabapple might be the perfect choice.

What You Need To Know:

  • Lifespan: 30-50 years with proper care.
  • Canopy Size & Spread: Mature trees typically reach 8-12 feet in height and only 3-5 feet in width.
  • Root Characteristics: Non-invasive and well-behaved. Roots tend to grow deep rather than spreading outwards, making them foundation safe.
  • Growth Rate: Moderate, growing about 1-2 feet per year.
  • Soil: Prefers well-drained, slightly acidic soil.
  • Water: Needs regular watering, especially during the first few years after planting.
  • Light Preference: Full sun for at least 6 hours a day.
  • Hardiness Zone: Most cultivars are hardy in zones 4-8.
  • Flower Characteristics: Blooms in spring, typically for 2-3 weeks. Flowers are small but numerous, with a delicate fragrance and white, pink, or red blossoms.

Interesting Facts:

  • Crabapple Benefits: Beyond aesthetics, crabapples provide food for birds and pollinators. The small fruits, though not typically eaten by humans, can be used to make jellies and preserves.
  • Dramatic Form: The most striking feature is the narrow, columnar shape that resembles a lightsaber hilt. This vertical accent adds a touch of modern elegance to any garden.
  • Beautiful Blooms: In spring, they erupt in a stunning display of pink, white, or red flowers, depending on the variety.
  • Low Maintenance: Once established, they’re relatively easy to care for.


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