Imagine a splash of color that lingers in your garden long after other flowers have faded – that’s the magic of the tree form hydrangea. This petite charmer boasts surprisingly long-lasting blooms, trading the fragrance of the lilac or apple for a delightful long lasting, visual feast, in a perfectly manageable size.

What You Need To Know:

  • Lifespan: With proper care, these hydrangeas can grace your landscape for 20-40 years, rewarding you with years of beauty.
  • Canopy Size and Spread: The spread varies depending on the cultivar and pruning style, but generally matures to a manageable 6-10 feet.
  • Root Characteristics: Tree form hydrangeas have well-behaved, non-invasive root systems compared to some larger trees. This makes them a good choice for planting near foundations.
  • Growth Rate: Moderate growers, adding around 1-2 feet per year after establishment.
  • Canopy Height: The height depends on how tall the central trunk is trained. Typically, they reach a mature height of 8-12 feet.
  • Soil Preference: Adapts to various well-drained soils but thrives in slightly acidic conditions. Amending the soil with organic matter like compost before planting can be beneficial.
  • Water Needs: Moderately water-dependent, especially during the first few years after planting and during dry spells. Regular watering is recommended, but they become more drought-tolerant once established.
  • Light Preference: These hydrangeas enjoy full sun to partial shade. Full sun exposure generally results in the most prolific flowering, but afternoon shade can be beneficial in very hot climates.
  • Hardiness Zone: Hardy in USDA zones 3-8, making them a versatile choice for many regions.

Flower Characteristics:

  • Bloom Time: Large, cone-shaped clusters of white, pink, or green flowers bloom from mid-summer to fall.
  • Long-Lasting Beauty: The blooms last for several weeks, and may change colors as they mature, adding another layer of visual interest.
  • Fragrance: Unlike some hydrangeas, tree form hydrangeas do not have a strong fragrance.
  • Appearance: The large, showy flower clusters are visually stunning, adding a touch of elegance and texture to any garden.

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