Tree Removal

Proudly Serving All The Edmonton Area

We love trees.  Which is why we’re always eager to offer alternative solutions to removal when possible. But we also know sometimes that tree just has to go. If your tree seems unsafe, unwell, or is interfering with other property, reach out with the contact form bellow, or shoot us a call or text, we’ll be happy to help.

How Much

Nobody likes unexpected costs, and if you’ve never had to remove a tree, you might not even know where to start. Getting a general idea of what to expect can help. checkout out RATES page for more information on tree removal rates.


We use an array of professional arborist epuipment including lifts, rigging, cranes, chippers, and specialty climbing gear, to ensure every job is completed reliably and efficiently. A standard our clients have come to expect from Edmonton Arborist.

Our Service Why Remove?

Open Wounds

Since the structural heartwood of a tree isn’t live tissue, it can rot out quickly when exposed. This rot can occur without the tree exhibiting any visible health issues, and leave a seemingly healthy tree structurally unstable.























"V" Shaped Joints

Including co-dependent trunks. Sharp joints where large limbs connect to the trunk are typically unstable and tend to split off under stress. Watch for signs of sap “bleeding” from these joints.

When identified at the base of a multi trunk tree, be sure to monitor for decomposing wood or splits.

Horizontal Growth

Heavy horizontal limbs should never be allowed to hang over your home or utility lines.





















Pests and Disease

Visibly diseased or infested wood can be very unpredictable and unstable, as well as contagious to neighbouring trees.

Power Lines

The first priority when assessing a trees suitability for its environment is its relation to the power lines. A downed power line from a trunk or limb can cause fire, serious cost (it can cost around $3000 to get a power service reinstalled), and a lethal hazard. 

Which is why it’s critical to make sure trees around your power lines are professionally monitored and cared for.