Beautiful grove with big malus floribunda (crabapple) trees full of blossoming magenta flower and sakura trees full of blooming pink flower on each side of a path under blue sky in Beijing, China


With such a rich variety of resplendent flowering trees available, I’ve always thought it’s a shame the Edmonton Alberta landscape isn’t a dappled tapestry of floral explosions. We seem to be resigned to the idea that trees are simply green, lets change that.

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Why Its Great:

  • Undisputed king of spring flowers
  • No fruit (no mess)
  • Compact size

Did you know apple trees are actually members of the rose family? So it’s no wonder they would find a prominent position on a list of flowering trees.

With these incredible trees you can enjoy all the flowering glory with non of the mess since they don’t generally fruit! With flower sets so deep they seem to consume the entire canopy; these guys take no half measures when showing off their pomp and glory.

Tip: as the old adage goes; you should be able to throw a cat clean through a properly pruned fruit tree. Keeping your apple tree well thinned will focus maximum energy to the flower buds and emphasize your floral burst!

Fun fact: The round shape of these flowers makes them a favourite of bees and other pollinators, which enjoy rolling around inside!

Alternatives- Muckle Plumb (Pink flowers with no fruiting)

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Hydrangea (Tree Form)

Why It’s Great:

  • Flowers almost all spring and summer
  • Compact low maintenance 

Hydrangeas are true juggernauts when it comes to flower duration. Bursting into magnificent floral displays in the spring with their peers; the later months of summer and early fall see the Hydrangea become a true rare seasonal gem, as the only trees still sporting their resplendent garb.


  • Not Fragrant-Flowers are not particularly fragrant. Especially compared to the lilac
  • Long Lasting Flowers: Flowers stick around for months after the lilac and other popular choices have dropped theirs
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Pagoda Dogwood

Why Its Great

  • Low maintenance 
  • Attracts lots of birds
  • Unique and uncommon aesthetic 

This flowering tree (15-25 feet mature height) graces your yard with creamy white blooms in late spring. It has a moderate growth rate and a non-invasive root system, making it foundation friendly.

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Amur Maackia

Why Its Great:

  • Late flowers (good for staggering with early flowers like lilac)
  • Compact manageable size

Hailing from the exulted Amur river region; this tree is more than happy to finish last, and you’ll be glad too… With its fragrant, mid to late summer bloom, the Maackia still bears is showy garb weeks after most trees have changed into their more dreary late summer attire. Making it the perfect piece of the puzzle when designing a yard with year round appeal!

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Amur Cherry

Why Its Great:

  • Signature glossy copper bark
  • Not prone to common cherry diseases (black knot)

This multi-seasonal beauty (15-25 feet mature height) offers spring flowers, summer fruits, vibrant fall foliage, and glossy copper coloured bark. It’s tolerant of cold and drought and has a well-behaved root system that won’t threaten your foundation.

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Japanese Tree Lilac

Why Its Great:

  • Fragrant from blocks away
  • Attracts birds
  • Stunning yard accent piece 

My not-so-guilty pleasure, nothing can keep me from stopping to indulge in the intoxicating aroma of a lilac tree. A smell so wonderful it can be the highlight of an already great day, what else need be said about these wonderful gifts from above. 

With their dense foliage, hardy nature, and prodigious spread; Lilacs are an excellent landscape selection for everything from privacy screens to specimen centre pieces. 

Although they’re blooms are notoriously short lived (lasting just a few weeks in early spring), I suppose the finer pleasures in life always are.

Tip: Like with most flowering trees, proper pruning practice is critical for maximizing your lilacs effect. Not only will a neglected bush choke itself out, but improper pruning can leave you with a row of dead sticks and an up to 5 year wait for the next bloom.

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Lightsaber Crabapple

Columnar or lightsaber crabapple trees boast a unique, strikingly upright form that resembles a narrow column or lightsaber. Perfect for small spaces, they add a dramatic vertical accent to any landscape. These trees offer stunning spring blossoms in shades of pink, white, or red, often followed by small fruits that attract birds. With their space-saving shape and ornamental beauty, columnar crabapples make a stylish and practical addition to urban gardens.

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