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Should I Prune My Tree In The Winter?

Short answer; absolutely!

 Winter can be an ideal time to prune your trees and shrubs. 

As a plant prepares for its dormant seasons, it breaks down the nitrogen (energy) in its leaves (the chemicals it uses to do this are what cause the bright fall colours) and stores the energy in the root system. In the spring it draws on these energy stores to rebuild its canopy and begin collecting sun again.

Since the leaves are no longer out, and the hard earned energy is now safely stored underground; winter pruning results in less overall energy loss. This translates to a more robust and healthy tree come spring.












When it comes to pruning trees in the winter, several myths cloud the judgment of even the most seasoned gardeners and property owners. A common misconception is that trees cannot be pruned in cold weather, stemming from the belief that they are too vulnerable during this time. In reality, winter can be an ideal season for pruning, as trees are dormant and less susceptible to stress from trimming. Another myth suggests that winter pruning can lead to frost damage on newly cut areas. However, proper pruning techniques and timing minimize such risks, allowing trees to heal effectively before the spring growth surge. 

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