selecting A Tree

So you’re ready for a new yard buddy! Like picking out a family pet, careful attention beforehand to what species best suits your specific requirements will save a lot of trouble and extra cost down the road. Feel free to give us a call for advice on picking the correct tree for your situation!








Spring Vs. Fall Planting

Spring and fall are the best time to plant new trees to minimize stress and encourage quick establishing. Which of the two seasons is best depends on which of 3 categories your selection falls under. 

  • Bare root (no pot) or transplants are best planted in the early spring once the ground has thawed. 
  • Conifers are also best planted in the spring since they do not go dormant in the fall
  • Potted trees and deciduous are best planted in the fall right as they become dormant. The still thawed ground and dormant crown means the roots will get growth priority and establish faster


As the maxim goes; location, location, location. This will be the primary factor in whether your new tree thrives or not.

Like the species selection, a professionals input can be invaluable here. Some factors to consider are:

  • Tree size at maturity
  • light and water/drainage preferences (some trees can’t tolerate having their feet wet and will drown in areas where water may pool)
  • ground composition (a highly compact or stony area may not be suitable for some trees)

Once you’ve selected a suitable home for your new yard buddy its time to settle them in. Exciting!

Dig a whole 2-3 times the size of the pot or root ball, and gently place the little guy in there. Then fill the remaining area with loose black soil (do not pack it down). 

You’ll typically want to spread a few inches of mulch over the area as well (being careful not to lay anything right against the trunk). This will act like a comfy blanket for your new addition; regulating both moisture and temperature.

After Planting Care

This is where a tree thankfully deviates from a family pet. Once you’ve selected the right tree for the right spot, nature, for the most part, should take care of the rest. All that’s required from you is a little attention here and there. If it hasn’t rained all week or you notice signs the tree is drying out, a good watering helps. Or a failed branch needing removal here and there.

Other than that; its time to sit back and enjoy your beautiful new yard addition!

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