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While some fast-growing trees may be tempting for your zone 3 Alberta yard, planting near your foundation requires selecting trees with non-invasive root systems to avoid future problems. Here are 6, zone 3 trees that are considered safe to plant near a foundation:

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Amur Cherry

Why It’s Great:

  • Unique glossy bark
  • Beautiful fragrant spring flowers 
  • Hardy and disease resistant 

This multi-seasonal beauty offers spring flowers, summer fruits, vibrant fall foliage, and glossy copper coloured bark. It’s tolerant of cold and drought and has a well-behaved root system that won’t threaten your foundation.

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Pagoda Dogwood

why It’s Great:

  • Very hardy
  • Beautiful flowers 
  • Unique uncommon shape and general appearance 

This flowering tree (15-25 feet mature height) graces your yard with creamy white blooms in late spring. It has a moderate growth rate and a non-invasive root system, making it foundation friendly.

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Brandon Cedar (Arborvitae)

Why It’s Great:

  • Narrow low maintenance shape
  • Hardier arborvitae cultivar (Although still sometimes prone to winter damage while establishing) 
  • Year round privacy value and aesthetic appeal 

Brandon Cedar is known for its bright green, feathery foliage and slightly bushier growth habit compared to the Eastern White Cedar. It’s a good choice for hedges, screens, or foundation plantings.

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Why It’s Great:

  • Who doesn’t love lilacs!
  • Lower maintenance, longer lasting flowers, and compact tree form (compared to lilac bush)

These popular flowering shrubs (8-12 feet mature height) come in various colors and offer a fragrant springtime display. Their compact size and non-invasive root systems make them ideal for foundation plantings.

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Hydrangea (Tree Form)

Why It’s Great:

  • Flowers almost all spring and summer
  • Compact low maintenance 

Hydrangeas are true juggernauts when it comes to flower duration. Bursting into magnificent floral displays in the spring with their peers; the later months of summer and early fall see the Hydrangea become a true rare seasonal gem, as the only trees still sporting their resplendent garb.


  • Not Fragrant-Flowers are not particularly fragrant. Especially compared to the lilac
  • Long Lasting Flowers: Flowers stick around for months after the lilac and other popular choices have dropped theirs
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